Proceedings of the Conference

Data Cleaning Framework for NoSQL Document Databases

H.P.U Wijayantha, P. S. Haddela

Form and Grid Pattern: A Hybrid Design Pattern for Rich Internet Applications

N. R. Dissanayake

The Data of Things: Strategies, Patterns and Practice of Cloud-based Participatory Sensing

A. Michalas, T. Giannetsos

Cyber Foraging: What Has Been missing?

P. Vekneswaran, N. R. Dissanayake

Review on State of Art Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques for Intelligent Airport Systems

C. M. Ariyawansa, A. C. Aponso

Enhanced Approach For Resource Allocation Of Agile Projects

U.M. Mahagamage, L.A.L. Lakmali, A.C. Weerasinghe, C.P. Wijesiriwardana, G.T. Weerasuriya

Twitter Feeds Classification and Redundancy Removal in TV Show Domain

M.D.N. Perera, K.V.L. Deshapriya, C.D.K. Ilangasinghe, M.K.D.K. Alwis, C. Wijesiriwardana

Sri Lankan Itinerary Planner Using Attractions and Transportation Modes

W. M. C. D. Chandrathilaka, K. Sarathchandra

Export Sri- An Online Solution to Facilitate Small and Medium Enterprises to Effectively Participate in Exportation

P. Kokularajah, P. Prassanna

LogXtractor – An Intelligent Integrated Development Environment for Log Structuring and Log Extraction

S. S. Serasinghe

Discovering of System’s Invariants by Temporal Reasoning

A. Bolotov

Smart IVR System

M.F.F. Shifani, K.A.C.P. Gunaratne, D.N.Meegoda, B.P.M.S.Rathnabharathie, B.H. Sudantha

A Method to Detect Stress Using a Personal Mobile Device

O. Peiris, D. Gunasena, A. Sivasubramaniyam, K. A. D. T. Kulawansa

Modelling Bacteria Colony Shape Adaption Through Agent Technology

W.A.Mohotti, K.A. Dilini T. Kulawansa

Customer Retention Challenges in Fashion Retailing Industry in Sri Lanka; Can E-RETENTION be the Solution?

C. Perera

Automated Tool for Evaluation of Online Discussion Forums in Moodle Learning Management System

T.Kemijah, A.N.A. Farana, A.L.A. Wajeethu, T.C. Sandanayake, G.T.I. Karunarathna

Model for Determining Genuine & Fake Social Network Profile

V. T. Dharmasiri, H. Gamage, T. Chaminda

e-Funding: A Study to Expand Undergraduate Education in Sri Lanka

M. Nanayakkara, S. Aponso

Pregnancy Complications Diagnosis Using Predictive Data Mining

S. Sharmilan, H. T. Chaminda

3D-Printing-based Initiatives in a Developing Economy Context: A Holistic Approach

D. Roy