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Conference Tracks – International Conference on Innovations in Info-business & Technology

The 4th annual “International Conference on Innovations in Info-business & Technology (ICIIT 2023)” will be held on 04th August 2023 at Galadari Hotel, Colombo under the theme “Unlocking digital potentials for economic growth in emerging regions”

Given the far-reaching impact of the  COVID-19 pandemic, the world is searching for new practices, methods, and technologies to recover, rebuild and improve the way society operates when navigating the challenges posed under today’s “new normal”. The ICIIT 2023 is a well-timed conference that aims to delve into the multi-layered topic of how society can emerge stronger and more resilient in the face of the growing uncertainty in today’s post pandemic world. It presents an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders to revisit and re-evaluate our assumptions, decisions, practices, and collaborations with the aim of formulating new workflows and techniques in e-businesses, e-services, e-societies, and e-learning for a better, sustainable future.

The conference welcomes submissions that explore the themes below , but are not restricted to the following:

Data Science & AI

  1. Machine Learning

  2. Data Visualization & Predictive Analytics

  3. Agro-Tech

  4. Natural Language Processing

  5. Geo-informatics & Bioinformatics


  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Distributed and Parallel Computing

  3. Mixed/Augmented Reality

  4. Human-Computer Interaction

  5. Robotics

  6. IoT

  7. e-Learning

  8. Cyber Security

  9. Software Defined Networks

Technology of Business

  1. Distribution & Logistics

  2. Managing Technology and Innovation

  3. Data Science for Business

  4. Management & Organization