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Our Story

Empowering Innovators in LLM Technology

ICIIT Conclave 2024 is a pioneering platform dedicated to exploring the potential of Large Language Models and their applications.

Our esteemed clients range from academic institutions to cutting-edge businesses on the forefront of technology.

Our Approach

Our Innovative Approach to Advancing LLM Technology

The conclave is an R&D forum bringing together academics and industry practitioners around cutting-edge technology each year. This year it is around the general topic of Large Language Models and Generative AI.

The conclave comprises of

  • Workshop: bringing together the work carried out around LLMs in Sri Lanka and the Region
  • Shared task: on LLMs targeted at pushing the envelope of LLM development in the country
  • Tutorials: aimed at bringing those interested in getting into the area of LLM app development and those already involved in it

There will be an eminent panel of persons conducting the workshop including some academics from our Partner Universities in Europe.

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Organizing institutes : IIT, Sri Lanka

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We invite academics, researchers, business professionals and research oriented personnel to  join the conclave in order to;

Unlock the Potential of LLMs

The Future is Here: Explore LLMs for Business & Education. 

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